All the pageview function is disappeared after I installed some plugins

Dear Matomo Support,

Last Friday I’ve installed below plugins for our multiple matomo web servers. and after I installed, the normal pageview analytics is not working any more.
Here is the plugin list:
1.Custom Reports
2.Search Engine Keywords Performance
3.Heatmap & Session Recording
4.Google Analytics Importer
5.Multi Channel Conversion Attribution
6.Roll-Up Reporting
7.A/B Testing
8.Media Analytics
9.Users Flow
11.Bot Tracker
12.Marketing Campaigns Reporting

you can see from the attached screenshot that there is not any visitors can be counted.


Hi @frank83
I think some columns that should have been added to Matomo tables were not added.
You can check this in the Matomo errors log file (you should see things like ‘xxx column is missing’).
You can try to run this command, like the one used in the manual Matomo update:

$ ./path/to/matomo/console core:update
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Hi Philippe, Thanks for your reply,

you’re right when I check logs under /var/log/nginx/matomo-error.log, I found some column missing, but when I use update command for 3 web servers, all of them show me: Everything is already up to date.

Do you have other idea? I’ve tested after I deactivated these plugins, visitor statistics works fine.
Thanks a lot.

and here is the error log
024/02/01 00:43:08 [error] 2081920#2081920: *9518179 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: Error in Matomo (tracker): Error query: Error query: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘campaign_content’ in ‘field list’ In query: SELECT visit_last_action_time, visit_first_action_time, idvisitor, idvisit, user_id, visit_exit_idaction_url, visit_exit_idaction_name, visitor_returning, visitor_seconds_since_first, visitor_seconds_since_order, visitor_count_visits, visit_goal_buyer, location_country, location_region, location_city, location_latitude, location_longitude, referer_name, referer_keyword, referer_type, idsite, profilable, visit_entry_idaction_url, visit_total_actions, visit_total_interactions, visit_total_searches, referer_url, config_browser_name, config_client_type, config_device_brand, config_device_model, config_device_type, visit_total_events, visit_total_time, location_ip, location_browser_lang, campaign_content, campaign_group, campaign_id, campaign_keyword, campaign_medium, campaign_name, campaign_placement, campaign_source, la” while reading response header from upstream,

Hi @frank83
Your error seems related to campaign tracking plugin. Try to disable it and check what happens…

Hi Philippe,
what is this compaign tracking plugin? what will affect if I deactivate it? Thanks.

Hi Philippe,

BTW, I’ve just checked I do not have this plugin, the plugin which I have with letter C is below:

maybe because of this plugin? I will try to install the others except this one.

Hi @frank83
Yes, probably marketing campaign reporting. More information about this plugin:

Hi Philippe,

Yes, it’s due to this plugin, but I do not know how to fix it if I want to install it and avoid the error.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @frank83
Which Matomo version do ou run?
How is the update done? (manually / automatic)

Hi Philippe,

This is the current version:
Matomo version: 5.0.1

MySQL version: 8.0.36-0ubuntu0.22.04.1

PHP version: 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.14

and normally we update manually due to we have multiple web servers.

Thanks again for your reply.

Hi @frank83
Normally, if you install the plugin manually, the core:update should work… I have the same kind of configuration as yours, and this is what I did to solve the problem.
If you still want to use the plugin, you can create the missing column manually in the database…

Hi Philippe,

Yes I need to use this plugin, I can just create the missing column? Do you think if there is a possibility that other plugin delete this column? Because I install this plugin and it works for half day or one day, then after that I got the error and the visitor numbers become to 0 and core:archive does not work due to this error.