All Sites can not shown!


I have 15 web sites on my piwik since 2011.
My db size arround 15 mb.

My hosting company , absolutely limited server response time to 15 seconds. I am thinking, when i try to see yearly data for all sites, response can not calculate about 15 seconds so it gives error.

The problem is :

1-I am clicking “All Sites” from right top combo box.

2-All web sites statics can shown for monthly option.

3-When i try to see same page with yearly option, page can not shown, it gives error like “500 Internal Server Error”

Can you advice me a way , how can i show my all web sites data with yearly option ? My hosting company response time too short, ok but can i do something ? For example, i can download and manipulate my db. But i dont know what should i do. For example, can i add some index to solve this problem ? Please give me your solution suggestions.

It is too important for me.


Sorry unfortunately if yearly doesn’t work, you wlil have to download the data for the last few months, using the analytics API with a URL containing for example &period=month&date=last12 to get last 12 months of data, and then you can sum it yourself for some stats?

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