All setting in read only mode



i installed Piwik on my test box.

Win 7 with WAMP (Apache : 2.4.4 MySQL : 5.6.12 PHP : 5.4.16 PHPMyAdmin : 4.0.4)

I used all the defaults, and successfully installed piwik 2.0.3

After entering the Piwik web console, a can only browse thru Settings menu. I can’t change anything, nor add.
On the dashboard, i can’t change nothing (date), nor can i browse to other dashboard pages.

It looks like it is in read only mode.

Also when i go to look for JS code, it appears empty.

What am I doing wrong.




Founded the solution.
I ended with new Win 8 64bit test machine, with 64bit version of WAMP, and all seams to work fine.

Case closed.