All IPs end with 0 in visitor log


For some reason, all IPs in the visitor log ends with 0. Is this correct behaviour? I’m wondering if this could be the reason why the visitor id is different from Matomo and our local logging on a landing page.


This means, Matomo anonymized the last octad of the IP address.

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Does that also mean that the visitor id is changed?

I dont know what you mean. Matomo generates the visitor id on more information than just the ip address.

Sure, but IP is part of the visitor id generation, right? The thing is, on our landing page I use the PHP tracking API to get the IP and visitor id, and at the same time I can see the IP in Matomo (with ending 0) but with a DIFFERENT visitor id, which screws up all my internal logic. I was just wondering if this IP issue was part of that.

Thats possible but I cannot help you with that. Maybe @Lukas has more info about that.


I am also not sure, but as far as I know there is no way (yet) to merge data from PHP and JS tracking about one user.

And keep in mind that GDPR comes into play so matching on IP may not be the best idea.

Thank you for your answer. So is the difference between PHP and JS the reason why


returns one visitor id, but the same IP has a different visitor id in the Matomo backend (due to JS tracking)? Is there a solution to this problem?