All entries have 'England' location


for around 1-2 weeks all the entries on my website are shown as from England, no matter from where a user comes. Do you know how to fix this?
Have you ever encountered a similar issue?

HI @Amadeusz_Bathelt

sorry to hear that you encounter some issues with our plugin.
A few things could lead to this situation:
1 - You might not have Geolocation setup correctly (And its just using the browser language for geolocation)
2 - You are using a reverse proxy/loadbalancer or something similar (Like Cloudflare for example) and Matomo is reading that IP as the visitors IP.
3 - Your Geolocation database is out of date
4 - You are using the anonymised IP for geolocation (Which wouldn’t normally result in all visits coming from the same location, but it is less accurate)

Could you check if they’re all coming from the same IP or a very similar IP range? Are using a Reverse Proxy or load balancer?

Kind regards


Hi Mat,

thanks for your answer!

In fact, you are right, all the entries are shown as from the same as well IP.
In 99% we don’t use reverse proxy nor load balancer.

In Google Analytics it is shown correctly.

Before it started showing like this, it worked properly for a long time.


Same happen to me too. It turned out I have anonymized visitor IP address with 3 bytes which lead to incorrect Geolocation data.

I have 2 bytes, didn’t change that from the beginning. Now I’ve checked with 3 bytes and results are the same- I’m only London visitors :slight_smile:

hi @Amadeusz_Bathelt

does this help?




It helped, thanks a lot!