Alias URL for same website


My Name is Raphael and I am from Germany. I am new with Piwik and have some questions:

1.1) What happen if I open the website with an alias domain (no redirection)?
E.G.: URL in “Websites Management” is Now I visit this same website with

1.2) What happen if I add the URL in “Websites Management” and add both tracking codes to the same website?

  1. What happen if I use the JavaScript Code and Image Tracking at the same time (without tags)?

Thanks in advance!

1.1) Piwik uses first-party cookie which means that they are bound to the domain you visit. This means that if you visit and then you will be tracked twice.

1.2) You can add multiple URLs to a single website inside Piwik. If you add the same tracking code to multiple domains your visitors will be tracked towards the same website.

  1. Your visitors will be tracked multiple times. This is not recommended.
  1. works
  2. works, same data should be tracked in different websites - see
  3. will track page views twice and will cause bogus data