After Upgrade to V1.4 IP Tracking broken


Hello to all.
I have yesterday successful upgraded Piwik to the newest Version 1.4

Before the Upgrade all IP addresses were tracked right in Piwik even if a Reverse Proxy like Pound was running in front of the Website.

Now with the new Version i get always in Piwik the Reverse Proxy Local IP address instead like before the Visitor IP Address.

Nothing on the Server Side was really changed. I just upgraded Piwik and looked today in the Stats and was shocked that all IP addresses had the IP of the Reverse Proxy.

Why was this Changed and how can i fix that.
From my Point of view Piwik is Broken as the most important Functionality getting the IP address of the Visitor to determine the Country as a example does not work.

Thanks in advance for helpful Answers.
Greetings Sextasy

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(vipsoft) #2

There were changes to the proxy handling starting in piwik 1.1.

Please look for the proxy settings in globlal.ini.php to specify which proxy headers are trusted.


Hello Anthon

Thanks you a Lot for your Fast and very Helpfull Answer.

Your tip solved the Problem. I am able to track the real IP Adress now of the Visitors again.

Sended you becouse of that also a Donation of 5 CAD to you Paypal Account.

Have lot of fun and joy while Drinking the Beer :)-D
Greetings sextasy.



Seem to be having the same issue, downloaded the latest 1.5 version from the site, got it running on OSX10.4 but in RealTime Visitor tracking only seeing the webserver IP address.

Made a change to the global.ini.php and some real IP’s started coming through, I enabled all 4 of the proxy_client_headers[] but still getting a load of local Piwik server IP’s as the visitor IP’s.

Can anyone assist please?

Thank you



(Ron) #6

If you are using php code for tracking instead of javascript, you can set ip forcely to take client ip.

$t = new PiwikTracker($idSite, $piwik_url);

$t->setTokenAuth(/*super admin token auth*/);