After upgrade to 3.0.3 , local admin stopped working

After upgrade from 2.16.5 to the new version 3.0.3 , local admin stopped working. It says incorrect password. I can login using ldap users (loginldap version 4.0.0) but old local admin is not working anymore. If I login as ldap user and create a new local user called admin2 , it doesn’t work either.

At loginldap configuration:
“Always use ldap for authentication” is unmarked
"use webserver auth" is unmarked
"enable user access synchronization from ldap" is unmarked

This are the rows (local users) in the database for user table:
login password alias email token_auth superuser_access date_registered
admin $2y$10$XtOBFUSCATEDQWaPaeBbf admin 9b28525OBFUSCATED4aae257f1 1 2015-10-08 14:20:12
admin2 $2y$10$CAOBFUSCATEDzhEnX7vJROyq4 Admin 3923e394OBFUSCATED66c5e6f 0 2017-04-27 20:42:50

Even If I disable loginldap e won’t login using local user.