After Upgrade Piwik Anonymous Tracking Doesn't Work Anymore

My Piwik server was on a VPS with running Centos 6 and php 5. I was stuck using Piwik 2. It worked, but slowly. I backed up my Piwik installation and moved to a new VPS, Centos 7, Php 7 and MariaDB 10. I upgraded to the latest Piwik 3.0.4. After the move, the server will log visits with the regular code installed on a website, but if I used the anonymized version: How do I setup Piwik to track multiple websites without revealing the Piwik server URL footprint which appears in the Javascript code in all websites? - Analytics Platform - Piwik I see no activity at all for every website I am tracking.

I am not sure how to start troubleshooting this. I did check to see if the upgrade changed the token_auth key for my anonymous super user, UserTrackingAPI, but it did not.

Any suggestions appreciated.