After upgrade, menu bar is broken

I used the online automatic upgrade to go from version 2.13.1 to 2.15.0. After the upgrade everything appears to be okay except for the menu bar that has the options:


The bar will appear correctly for a split second, but then it turns into strings of garbled code:

[magnifying glass search icon]

{{ ‘General_SearchNoResults’ | translate }}

{{ subcategory.title }}

{{ | trim }}

{{ ‘SitesManager_Sites’ | translate }}

{{ ‘MultiSites_LoadingWebsites’ | translate }}

[target icon] Goals

I have tried manually reapplying the update over the install directory, but the issue remains. How can I resolve? Is this an issue with the database? Running the command php path/to/console core:update returns “everything is already up to date”.

I just found this link which worked for me: