After Update to 4.4.1 Matomo is not showing any new pageviews anymore (Tag Manager Setup)

I have updated today to 4.4.1 and it seems like after that update the tracking is not really working anymore.

The frontend is sending requests ( but the backend is not showing those anymore:

The only thing that is showing in the backend in the diagnosis section is that a json file is not protected.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

here is a screen shot of the tracking

I got the issue with the en.json resolved but still it does not recognize any new tracking even if they are visible in the network tab of chrome

Did you check server logs? Which warning message show in the Matomo Diagnostic > System Check?

It seems that it did track your visit and here is the diagnostics as a screenshot

It sounds like your Archive reports have not processed all data, yet. Matomo recommends that you setup a cron job to process Matomo reports every hour for medium to high traffic sites. More information here:

Some additional thoughts:

  • Did you check with another browser?
  • Did you whitelist your internal ip address.

It is super weird today it started tracking again and I can see some “real”-time data. I really do not understand why this would happen because the browser showed the “tracking” requests but the server did not show them. I have multiple sites on this piwik installation and the others worked fine only this one had issues (I tested this this morning I forget to mention that yesterday).

Is there a way to see if the tracking requests have been “stored” or any kind of log that indicates the tracking requests that have been send to the server on the server side? It does not seem like Shopify is blocking those.

The traffic is not that heavy actually and it did not have any issues before.

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Maybe you could try to invalidate the data of the days with corrupted data?
Also you can check the DNT setting. It is not possible (or very hard) to disable the DNT flag on Firefox for example, then in such case you won’t have traffic from any Firefox browser…

How can I invalidate the data? Also I do not use Firefox so DNT shouldnt be the issue :slight_smile:

How do I tell Matomo to invalidate the past historical reports so they can be re-processed from the logs? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo