After update to 2.2.0 only Visitor Log updates, nothing else


After updating to 2.2.0 only my visitors log shows new visitors.

What I did so var:

  • Run cron archive (worked this time),
  • Emptied /tmp folder,
  • Disabled 3rd party plug-ins,
  • Being on the save side, cleared apc cache (even if I have disabled apc for piwik),
  • Checking error log, no messages about piwik.

I could go back to 2.1.1-B10, while I know it worked than.
Every update after 2.1.1-B10 gave me this problem, I hoped it would be fixed with a final release.
(2.1.1-b12 only Visitor Log updates, nothing else.... (regression) · Issue #4956 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub)