After Moving to new host analytics showing 0 visitors

I moved my hosting from GoDaddy to Host Gator back in September and since then I am showing 0 visitors and 0 activity, except for the Visitors in Real time section.

I contacted HostGator and they suggested I contact seomeone here at Piwik.

I thought I would try first to solve it myself but have been unsuccesful. I reinstalled Piwik which did not work.

So after exhausting my limited capabilities I thought I would turn to the forum

I have searched for a solution to my problem and I cannot find anything that matches.

I contacted Host Gator and asked them to whitelist my domain they responded back to me with “We have whitelisted your domain for mod_security on your server”.

Unfortunately this didnt help. Nothing changed.

We’re on a VPS server there. Is there any other settings that need to be changed? The crazy thing is that our other sites that we migrated over to the same server are not having the same issue. Just one domain.

Other other ideas?

Can someone please help?

you have to whitelist the domain that’s hosting your Piwik installation.

My piwik installation is in the root folder of the domain that I am hosting though.

It’s simple enough to test. Enter the URL into your browser’s address bar using your Piwik server’s domain and the query string as shown:


If you get a 404, then your domain hasn’t been whitelisted.

Otherwise try:


You should see “Piwik is a free open source web analytics alternative to Google analytics.”. If not, then check your tracking code is correct.