After installing Matomo and getting Congrats page, next access to Matomo wants to run the installation again

I have had a very hard time trying to install Matomo on-premises. Sometimes I get it installed; other times I just get stuck.

The current problem is that after installing and getting the Congrats page, then trying to access Matomo starts are the beginning of the installation again. So I am stuck again.

I could detail the other configuration issues I have been having but they are not the current problem. They have to do with permission changes on our web server, and minification that happens under automated control. I have pretty much overcome these issues and have just finished a pretty clean install of on-premisies. But now it wants to re-install.


A bit after this experience, I decided to just let it take me through the installation a second time. This time the Congrats page was different–shorter, and at the bottom had a link “Continue to Matomo”. Clicked it, and got to the login page. Now it is working.