After a login out I connot log-in back

Hi, I installed piwik correctly, it works fine but when I sign out i cannot log-in back. the superuser log in name and password are correct but when i try to log-in it was recjected, prompting me “Username & Password not correct”.

Please help.


Hi Venz_dt

Have you tried to send you a new password? A “Forgot Password” link will be shown under your login form…


I’m having exactly the same issue. Once i log out, i can not log back in. I’ve followed the instructions to reset my password to the same as i used when i installed, but still can not login. I am running Piwik 0.5.4. As a temporary workaround, i had to modify the piwik_user table to add my user … I’m sure this isnt the right thing to do. Any suggestions on why this may be happening ?

Check your web server error log.

If you’re trying to login as the superuser, the credentials are stored in config.ini.php. Use the ‘md5sum’ tool to generate the hash for your new password.