Adwords tracking gclid by ip address to find invalid click ip

Hi I would like to track google adwords traffic and view ip address, i have found i have to turn on gclid aka auto tagging in my adwords account settings ( i have done this ) i have also added the tracker lines to the bottom of config.ini.php

campaign_var_name = gclid
campaign_keyword_var_name = y

when i view the campaigns section of piwik i can see them. but it groups them by campaign. ( a big string of chars) i have various campaigns so lots of these

how can i view a list of all visitors with the ?gclid in the URL ?

i have tried to go to visitor log and add a segment for URL contains gclid but it shows no result?

i was wanting to identify some ip addresses that i can exclude from my adwords account.

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Hi there,

Piwik by default strips away the gclid from the URL. If you want to track the Gclid, this may be a bug. We can make it configurable. Could you create an issue on Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub to report that you need the gclid?