Adwords keyword not showing up lately

Hello… i cant tell for sure in which one, but sometime after update to 2.0.3 or 2.1 or 2.2 most of the times the adwords campaign are not showed anymore… some times it does, but i`d say that the ratio is 60-40

So, in the bellow picture from top to bottom we have:

  • the older issue with adwords keyword not passed at all, this one is familiar to me
  • then we have a normal organic search with encrypted search term
  • but then we have this new bug, instead of the adwords keyword it passes just the local google on which the search occurred… as i said, this is pretty new to me, in the last month… but this is happening more and more often… there is no pattern, it happens on both mobile and desktop, on all browsers and os`es

any ideas? is this a bug? or just me?


google started to cloack the keywords from adwords as well.