Adwords Google Shopping tracking guide for idiots (ie: me)?

I’m currently using Piwik on sites where we are now working with Google Adwords but via the Shopping / Merchant campaigns rather than standard targetted adverts for Google Search.

I’ve tried relating the various FAQ guides to the settings in Adwords and Piwik but I keep coming up short, most likely because I don’t understand how the whole system works when someone clicks a sponsored advert (one of mine).

Is there anyone who could help with either a complete idiots guide specific to the above or able to walk me through the terminology on each so I can understand what I can and cannot do to track campaigns properly.

The quid pro quo is that I’m happy to provide an updated guide for the layperson that’ll explain the process much clearer so someone else doesn’t have to bash their head against a brick wall in the future.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.

hey @websnail below you will find some helpful guides:

I hope that this will help :wink:


Hi Ania,

I appreciate there are FAQs but the point I was making is that I cannot figure out how to make those apply to the settings for Shopping Campaigns in Adwords.

Most, if not all of those links talk about adwords as general campaigns and I’m damned if I can work out how any of it all fits together.

Worth noting as well that there are nots in the Git repository that the documentation needs an update but as yet hasn’t been applied so it seems the information is out of date anyway.

Hi there, maybe you could post your question in the related issue on github? it is useful to consolidate all valuable feedback such as this one, in the github issue tracker :thumbsup: