Advice on upgrading from Matomo 3.1.1. to the latest version

Hi, we are looking to upgrade from Matomo 3.1.1. on-premise hosted on our AWS Cloud account. Having gone through a lot of existing questions about this, I saw a lot of people encountering issues when doíng this. What is the recommended path to upgrade to the latest version? Would be best to upgrade to one ore more versions step by step before going straight to the latest from 3.1.1.? Would be great to get some advice on an approach that reduces the chances of downtime. Many thanks!

Hi @bertram
I would suggest you update:

  1. To the latest 3.x version
  2. Then to the 4.0 version
  3. Then to the latest 4.x version

You may also check if you run the PHP supported versions (in the changelog, there is some PHP versions missings):

I think update to PHP 7.2.5 could be sufficient.

Hi Philippe,

Many thanks for your quick response and recommendation. We will try this and update this thread with how it went so others can benefit as well. Will be in touch.

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