Advertising Conversion Export: no table in database


I’ve installed the Plugin Advertising Conversion Export. Installing was fine, no errors during process. But when I try to create a new Export an error alert is displayed:

Mysqli prepare error: Table ‘database-name.piwik_site_conversion_export’ doesn’t exist

Obviously the table was not created during installing process. How can I fix it?


Hi @tho_schi,

Thanks for creating a post on our forum. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had some issues while setting up the Advertising Conversion Export plugin.

What we can try doing to make 100% sure that the tables are created correctly is to re-activate the plugin using console commands.

  1. Deactivate Advertising Conversion Export plugin using:
    ./console plugin:deactivate AdvertisingConversionExport

  2. Then remove the plugin from the list of installed plugin in the config.ini.php file under the [PluginsInstalled] header and remove the line that contains:
    PluginsInstalled[] = “AdvertisingConversionExport”

  3. We can confirm that the plugin is removed by running:
    cat config/config.ini.php | grep AdvertisingConversionExport
    Which should return nothing.

  4. Then reactivating the Advertising Conversion Export plugin:
    ./console plugin:activate AdvertisingConversionExport

Important note: Removing the plugin from the list of Installed Plugins is not the same as clicking “Uninstall” from the Matomo UI. Uninstalling a plugin through the UI will delete all of the report and tracking data related to that specific plugin.

Could you give this a try and let us know if it resolves the issue?
If you continue having issues with the plugin table missing after re-installing, please send our support team an email at: shop [at] innocraft .com
Please include information such as:

  1. Your Matomo Core version
  2. The version of the installed Advertising Conversion Export Plugin
  3. Your PHP version
  4. You MySQL version