Advanced Reports

(chrismon) #1

I’m interested in getting these advanced reports from Piwiki

== Number of unique URLs getting at least 1 visit from a Search Engine. Great measure for overall health and success of site in regards to SEs.

== Number of unique domains sending traffic referrals over time (shown in graph). – Great measure for overall branding and exposure.
Also new domains sending traffic this month.

== Popular search queries to pages with high bounce\abandonment rate.
and/or pages getting lots of SE traffic with high bounce\abandonment rate. — Good to fix under-performing pages.

== Pages getting high user engagement (low bounce rate, long time on site, higher page views) from Search Engine traffic or other traffic sources.
– Good to learn from successful pages.

Is it plausible to have plugins that can do this?

(vipsoft) #2

Yes, should be doable via plugin. Probably a little too specialized to implement as a core Piwik feature/plugin.

Check out the page to contact a technical consultant.

(PhoenixAshes) #3

To the OP:

Did you ever get a plugin for these features? SE integration is something I would love to have. Might be willing to split developer costs with you on this. PM me if you want to discuss it.