AdNauseam extension & matomo

I was just recently indicated a nice extension to block tracking ads while at the same time producing fake clicks on such ads (pink noise effect). Which I see as more powerful than ads blocking, as it fills the tracking databases with nonsense about me. So any other form of tracking, like over google fonts, or maps, or google analytics, or chrome itself becomes worthless, as that all will be combined with nonsense data. Yet honest advertising is not blocked.

Problem is, with the extension on, matomo does not work.

Extension here:

No big problem, when I want to check statistics, I just switch off the extension or simply use another browser.

Would be nice if matomo would work with the extension on. It stops jumpy layouts because sites like Adsense take too much time to decide which banner to send, then mess up the whole layout while I just started reading. And I am a bit bored with being chased by ads for weeks, like for a new fridge while I already bought a new one. Or tarzan underwear. When I walk into a shop and get the impression they know a lot more, or actually more than pleasant, about me, the last place I buy something is in that shop. Don’t know why tracked ads still sell. It gives me a bad feeling improved user experience! This extension is great to mess up what such trackers seem to be sure of they know. Love it. But once switched on, my matomos can’t be reached. Would love a fix or a good workaround.

Hi @Maarten_de_Bruin
What do you mean exactly with:

Is there a problem of tracking or a problem of access Matomo UI?
Are you running Matomo cloud or Matomo In Premise?

In my opinion, the problem comes from the blocker, as its role is… Blocking (and other actions) tracking data, then its doing its job! (based on uBlock data). Then the issue is to be reported to adnauseam and/or uBlock more than to Matomo… :thinking: