Administration page or User Settings page not accessible

I was running 2.15 for months with no issues. Attempts the last two days to access the Administration page or the User Info page caused the access to timeout and at times throw the 2006 MySQL error. Database gone away.

Access to MySQL is still fine because the other apps on the same server are still accessing it fine. In fact the Dashboard upon first entering Piwik pulls the data fine. It is only when attempting to leave the Dashboard for say the Administration page that it locks up. No further access to the server from that same workstation is possible until some sort of timeout takes place.

I’ve reloaded the Database.
I’ve made sure PHP is at 5.6.18 the latest 5.6 version.
MySQL is at the latest version.

Except for the eventual 2006 error no other errors show up in any logs.

Also I am running Piwik on two systems. One for production and one for staging. The production server continues to process analytics. However the staging server doesn’t process anything? It isn’t configured to process anything other than some hits done during testing. So it has almost no data yet it has the same lock up issue when attempting to go to Administration.

I’m at my wits ends at this point. I’m not sure what to attempt. Please any suggestions? Any at all?

Forgot to mention that I also upgraded to 2.16 to see if that would fix it … no.


I attempted new installations of 2.16 on the same server with new database build but continued to get the same results. I attempted different configurations and finally got it to work.

I had to change the MySQL adapter from PDO/MYSQL to MYSQLI

In your config file under database add.


I don’t know if it is a PHP 5.6.x issue but it did appear after doing a PHP upgrade on the server.

In any event this allowed my upgraded 2.16 version on my staging server to work and making the change on my production server still running 2.15 also now works.

Hope this helps some people.

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See also our FAQ:

Thanks for the reply but none of those suggestions solved the problem. In fact I had most of those configurations already in place. Also this only happened on select pages. For example the Dashboard worked fine. Also this was on basically a clean install/upgrade of Piwik with no data for it to even report. My solution was the only thing that allowed it to work normally. Also as noted this was not actually a MySQL issue. This server had been operational for over a year with the older version of Piwik. The Piwik installation failed to function correctly AFTER a PHP upgrade was done on the Red Hat box. So the only thing that changed was PHP itself.

Hi Micheal ,

I followed your step to updat ethe config file but I am still getting an issue. I upgraded piwik from 2.14 to 2.16. All toher pages work fine with an exception of User page and Admin page. Any other solution you could offer?

Thanks in advance