Admin/websites blank using https but calling http


Just transferred our website to a new server and reinstalled Piwik 2.11.2 and had a huge amount of trouble getting it to work, starting with the Installatron copy being corrupted…

But anyway, all that is fixed and it’s now tracking correctly, so the only problem remaining is when I browse to ‘administration/websites’ the page is blank and the console reports that “/plugins/SitesManager/templates/” was blocked due to mixed content, as it’s trying to call http:// when the whole site is https://

SSL and HSTS is forced on in the .htaccess.

I’ve added “force_ssl = 1” and “assume_secure_protocol = 1” to the config.ini.php with no effect and the hostname contains https://, so I’ve done pretty much everything possible to force it other than editing the call for the file path itself but have no idea what file is making the call in order to correct it.

Anyone know where to look to fix this error?

Cheers in advance.

EDIT: Sorry, scratch the above. I found the cause in the config and fixed it. Seems it was a hangover from the failed Installatron install.