Adding new websites

(snober) #1


piwik is awesome…thanks for that…

I am new to piwik.

When i try to add new websites I have given Name and Url…when i give SAVE it says “Your changes have been saved.”…but the newly added website is not listing…only my initial site is displayed…

Thanks & Regards,

(vipsoft) #2

Scroll to the right of the row that you’re editing. This is a recurring area of confusion, and we have a UI ticket to address this.

(Erick) #3

Hey Thank you Vipsoft for this tip i was having the same issue , forum is a big time saver !!

(thomas) #4

I have the same problem so i did what vipsoft said but still does not work hmm.


solved! had the same problem :smiley:


vip you’re a life saver, thanks for resolving this issue


We have a few different sites I want to add and this was driving me crazy, too! Thank you very much for the tip. It seems so obvious now . . . (Piwik Rocks!)