Adding new Site directly?

I am wanting to tie the piwik app into another app I have.

To make this easy I wanted to use the primary id for accounts in my app to match the primary id on the piwik Site record(s).

My question is, when creating a new site in piwik, does it simply add a new record to the sites table only? Or are there other tables entries that are created when adding a new site?

I would like to simply create a new table entry in the piwik sites table, but but assign the primary id myself (instead of using ai).

Does that sound do-able?

You should use the API:

SitesManager.addSite (siteName, urls, ecommerce = '', siteSearch = '', searchKeywordParameters = '', searchCategoryParameters = '', excludedIps = '', excludedQueryParameters = '', timezone = '', currency = '', group = '', startDate = '', excludedUserAgents = '', keepURLFragments = '0')


I am using the API, but it does not allow me to set the id of the inserted record.

I guess I could edit the the API to make that happen. Will give that a try.