Adding Matomo Tag Manager snippet to a site that already sends data to another Matomo server

Hello. We are customers of a software-as-a-service product that allows us to add custom javascript for things like analytics tracking, etc. I have a local Matomo tag manager instance and I’d like to add the snippet to our custom javascript for the saas product.

The problem is: the vendor already uses Matomo for their own purposes. So there is a Matomo javascript tracker already instantiated on every page our MTM snippet needs to be included on. This has produced conflicts that mean that neither of us get accurate data: sometimes their JS tracker loads first, sometimes our MTM snippet does.

Is there some way I can alter the MTM snippet that I provide to the vendor to indicate that it should be loaded in addition to the existing JS tracker, without conflicts?

For ease of maintenance I’m trying to use the same MTM snippet across all of our tracked pages (and because only the vendor-hosted pages have an additional Matomo tracker, I can’t disable the JS bundling – all of my other tracked pages need it).

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Stephanie_Williams
Is it possible for you to use also the MTM of the Saas service?
Can you share the codes for adding MTM on your page?

Hi @Stephanie_Williams ,
I also facing the same problem. Did you find a solution for it?


If you share the same datalayer variables, you can add your MTM script without redeclaring the datalayer javascript array. If you want to set your own datalayer variables, you may set a new name for the javascript variable.