Add on webpage?

i installed the piwik, but i dont finde a code to add a counter on my page?

i want to have on my page


a short statisic

hope someone can help me

You might like to have a look at the Piwik API Documentation for guidelines and examples.


hm… its always with the last 5 days or weeks… and xml…

i want a php / js code to add the counter on my page cant find the code at the beginning that i install piwik


why dont you go to the “Widgets” section? There are plenty of nice widgets for you to display on your page.

If you want to customize it then dive into the api and write your own code, it will be easy if you get familiar with it.

I do not understand the way of adding widgets.Please explain so that i can use them properly.I also want to know is there any application where i can see the recent visitors?Thanks in advance.

Visit this page in the Piwik doco.