Add language recording

(alpha_one_x86) #1

Hello, can you add the language recording, for show statistic of the visitor language (and not countries) issued by the web browser indent.

(vipsoft) #2

Like the plugin here?

(Visit the developer’s site for the latest version.)

(alpha_one_x86) #3

Yes, I will test it.
Strange, no email is send at the reply for this topic, before it work.

(alpha_one_x86) #4

This plugin seam not be compatible with the latest version of piwik
It should be usefull to list in the interface a list of plugin which can be downloaded from the web and search form.

(vipsoft) #5

Did you try the new version on the developer’s web site?

(alpha_one_x86) #6

No I have try the direct link: Download (6.7 KB) - added by jb 10 months ago.
With the version on the website it work.

The installation, search a plugin should really can be done via the panel, and website proposed for the user which propose their plugin (like firefox)