Add class css to matomo

I need to add some extra

and classes.
I did all the needed change in navigation, but here when i want to doit on server i didt know from where i start expecially its quite complicated.

exp: add image banner to matoto , haw i can do it


You can customize Matomo by creating Plugins and Themes.


You can also change the main image in the general settings

Hello, Thank you for the link, in fact the theme, but it does not offer me the option to add a banner image.
so I made these changes:

1- add a title
2- add a banner image
3- change the colors of the icons

While with the theme I only change the colors.

Thank you.


Changing the colors is possible as described in the theme guide (and by adding custom CSS/overwriting LESS variables).

Changing the template is a bit more complex, but you can override any template file (.twig) in Matomo in your theme:

I dont know if i have the same version as the article , here is my

i tried to add some code into the “index.twig”

{% include "@Dashboard/_header.twig" %}
<div class="top_controls"><div class="new_banner"><span class="banner"></span><div>
    {% include "@CoreHome/_periodSelect.twig" %}
    {{ postEvent("Template.nextToCalendar") }}

and the css of those new classes in the dashboard.less:

span.banner {
    height: 121px;
    width: 1137px;   
	background: url(plugins/Morpheus/images/banniere1.png) no-repeat;
    margin: 0px auto;
    display: block;
.new_banner {
    min-width: 1260px;
    background: #4ab4e6;

it doesnt work !