Add a new database field!


I’m trying to display a new database field in piwik 0.6.2 -> MultiSites Plugin ->row template (row.tpl)
Soo, i create a field named “description” in the table "piwik_site"
My idea is to show a field description in the Multisites page, soo, i edit the code of row.tpl but is imposible to show the data with {php}{/php} tags.

I tryed to call the api:


but it show me the description of the site with id=1 for all the websites.

And then i tryed to call the api:

SitesManager.getSitesWithViewAccess ()

but it show me all the descriptions in the field description of every websites.

My cuestion is how i can show the description data in the MultiSites Page for all the websites??