Actions.getPageUrls - get only data from special childpages

with Actions.getPageUrls and the param &expand=1 I get all stats from all URLs.
how to query if I only want data from a special URL?

example - I want the stats for


I tried filter_pattern on label, but that dont work, or works only for the first level (/en, /de) …


To get data for only one URL, or one Page Title, use the “getPageUrl” instead of “getPageUrls” which has a parameter “&url=” that you can specifiy which URL you need, make sure you URL encode it.

hi matt,

this request works:,2012-09-17&format=XML&token_auth=mytokenmoken&pageUrl=

the request needs param = pageUrl to work …

but this requests dont work:,2012-09-17&format=XML&token_auth=mytokenmoken&pageUrl=

also not this way:



in piwik backend I can see the stats for just:

I tried also to add &url=… but with no success, may you can prepare the request like it should work for me :wink:


in piwik backend I can see the stats for just:

is that a real page, or is that only a directory containing other page?

the &pageUrl= will only work, I think, for real URLs… ?