Actions.getPageUrl question, Is it possible to get the data for more then one year?


I’m trying to get all the hits for a pageUrl via the api call:

The problem is i want to get the data for this url for more then one year.
Normally i would do it with

But this gives an error, as previously found here, which won’t be fixed.

My question is now, is there a way to get the date for pageUrl, eg:
and get the data over a period of time which is longer then 1 year

I tried with a date range but it gives me the same error as lastX.

Thank you :slight_smile: !

Use the latest RC where this error is fixed if you use period=range&date=2008-01-01,2011-01-01 for example

Alright, that’s great. Thanks for the reply and the work on this solid tracking system! (tu)