Actions.getDownloads-- inconsistent data between encapsulating date ranges

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I am running into some data inconsistencies when I call getDownloads on two different date ranges (full calls below). Please note, calls have had the domain and token removed for security purposes.

My under standing is: If i specify getDownloads with a range of Jan. 1st to Jan. 8th, let’s call this Call-A, this data should be also present within getDownloads with a range of Jan. 1st to Jan 31st, let’s call this Call-B.

Full Calls to piwik


My expectation for this data is that Call-A would be a subset of Call-B ie. all the downloads in the first week (Call-A) would be represented in all the downloads in that month (Call-B).

The Issue
However, Call-A results in 43 results and only 41 of them are present in Call-B. This makes for inconsistent reporting history. Under my current expectations and understanding I believe this is a bug.

I can repeat this issue for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks within the month.

If anyone can help with this issue, clear up my understanding of the problem, or confirm it is a bug it would be much appreciated.

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Good morning,

Looking through the bugs and resolution I have not found anything equivalent to this issue. Could I please get a response from Piwik on this?

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I have continued testing get downloads using the below API links with the same inconsistent data results.

Full Calls to Piwik



I can repeat these data inconsistencies both at the day to week level and week to month level of the month of January. The inconsistency increases as the number of total downloads increase. Considering all our metrics we are tracking is based off of downloads. This makes all our data irrelevant.

Going on the 7th day of this problem with no reply from Piwik is disappointing.