Action vs Event and PageView vs ContentImpression


I am new to Piwik. I have setup Piwik on my server that also runs a Symfony 2.7 web app. The web app uses the PHP-Piwik-Tracker to connect to Piwik and handle the tracking.

The Tracker offers different methods to track different stuff. Unfortunately I could not find any information about the meaning of the different terms:

The web app is an online address book and calendar. On different pages (e.g. calendar view, contact view, etc.) I simple use doTrackPageView().

Additonally I would like to track different events/action like creating a new contact, deleting a date, etc. Piwik offers both, doTrackEvent(...) and doTrackAction(...). What is the difference between an Event and an Action?

Both methods accept different parameters but I am not sure what exactly is the meaning of an Event and an Action in Piwik? What is the correct solution to track “New contactact created”

Likewise I am not sure what the difference between doTrackPageView() and doTrackContentImpression and doTrackContentInteraction is. When to use which?

Thank you very much!

You should peruse the Piwik Glossary

According to the link:


The number of actions performed by your visitors. Actions can be page views, internal site searches, downloads or outlinks.


Total number of events

Content Interactions

The number of times a content block was interacted with (eg, a ‘click’ on a banner or ad).

@Valdhor Based on that I still do not fully understand the difference. In @Ares example, when a user modifies the phone number to a contact, should that be tracked as

A. an event i.e.

  • category: contact
  • action: modified
  • name: phone number

B. an action

  • action_name: phone number contact modified

C. a content interaction

  • content name: bob’s profile
  • content piece: phone number
  • content interaction: modified