Action / Pages no more data for this report


I am running Piwik over +3 years, 2 frontend + 1 MariaDB (with TokuDB ) backend without any problem since one week where “Action / Pages / Entry Pages / Exit Pages / Pages titles” reports tells me “There is no data for this report.” on every sites I run piwik.

I’ve updated to the last version, but nothing changed. It still report visitors devices, software, location, … referrers too. Any error during the crontab “console core:archive”.

Have you ever seen this behavior before ?

Cheers, Auré


For the record because i found how to fix it:

Table p_log_link_visit_action wasn’t marked as crashed.
A alter table ENGINE=InnoDB didn’t changed nothing.
But a drop table then create table and datas arriving back in the table.


Thanks. I had exactly the same problem. Since something happened in June. The table had one row in it for me.