Acquisition Source / medium reports

We’ve set up Matomo on-premise for multiple clients, and one common question we encounter is how they can view the acquisition source/medium report, similar to what they are accustomed to in Google Analytics (from which they’ve transitioned). A similar report is available under “Acquisition - Campaigns,” but it only shows sources with UTM tagging. We’re missing the general source/medium reports that also include direct and organic visits.

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Here are some steps you can take to address this issue and provide your clients with the desired source/medium reports in Matomo:

1. Configure Matomo Settings:

  • Check the configuration settings in Matomo to ensure that tracking is set up correctly to capture data for direct and organic visits. Verify that the tracking code is properly implemented on all relevant pages of the clients’ websites.

2. Enable Referrer Tracking:

  • Make sure that referrer tracking is enabled in Matomo to capture information about the sources of incoming traffic. This includes both external referrers (e.g., websites, search engines) and direct traffic (visits without a referrer).

3. Review Matomo Reports:

  • Explore the various reports available in Matomo to see if there are any existing reports that provide insights into acquisition sources and mediums beyond just campaigns with UTM tagging. Look for reports related to referrers, traffic sources, or site entrances.

4. Customize Reports:

  • If the standard reports in Matomo do not meet your clients’ needs, consider customizing reports to include additional metrics or dimensions related to acquisition sources and mediums.
  • Use Matomo’s custom reporting capabilities to create tailored reports that provide the desired insights into traffic sources, including direct and organic visits.

5. Utilize Segmentation:

  • Take advantage of Matomo’s segmentation feature to filter and analyze data based on specific criteria, such as traffic sources or mediums. Segmentation allows you to isolate and analyze different segments of your data to gain deeper insights.

Thank you for your prompt response and the suggestions provided regarding our tracking setup and report analysis within Matomo.

I would like to clarify the nature of my initial request, which seems to have been slightly misunderstood. Our tracking setup in Matomo is indeed functioning correctly, as confirmed by the data we are receiving. The core issue we are facing is not with data collection but rather with how the data is presented in the reports.

In Google Analytics (both UA and GA4), the acquisition source/medium report combines both source and medium into a single, easy-to-interpret format (e.g., ‘google / organic’).

We are seeking a solution within Matomo that can mimic this style of data presentation, which is highly requested by our clients and marketing team. While I appreciate the suggestion to explore custom reports and segmentation, what we really need is either an enhancement in the core reporting tool of Matomo or a plugin that can provide this specific format.

I believe that enhancing this aspect of Matomo could significantly improve its utility for users familiar with GA4’s reporting style, which many users and agencies are transitioning from.

I’ve attached a screenshot with the source/medium report from Google Analytics for your reference.