Acquisition overview, multiple bugs

I’ve been working around this bug for a while, hoping it was introduced in a recent minor version, but evidently it’s been around for a while.

In the acquisition overview page, selecting various ‘records to plot’ almost invariably leads to funkiness:

  • graph values flatline to zero
  • it becomes difficult to select/deselect ‘records to plot’ items
  • the ‘records to plot’ list disappears completely
  • sometimes the records labels above the graph have url-encoded spaces ('Direct%20Entry)

Based on the url encoding, my first thought was that it’s some sort of filtering/escaping bug. But I can’t seem to work out any patterns.

Sometimes a force-refresh fixes everything, but it’s extremely difficult to get the report I need without a lot of effort.

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Everything working:

Flatline graph:

Missing control list:

Graph back to normal, but url-encoded spaces in labels:

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We’re experiencing the same issues. If we use the ‘metrics to plot’ menue the graph flatterns and the records labels breaks / shows url-encoded spaces.

Ctrl-f5 sometimes fixes it / resets it, but using ‘metrics to plot’ again, flattens the graph again.

Clicking the miniature graphs in the “Channel Types” widgets has in like 50% of cases the same effect as using ‘metrics to plot’.

Issue created