Accumulative statistics

Hello all!

First of all I must say that Piwik is a stunningly professional-looking software, and that the community will be eternally thankful to the Piwik team for this piece of art.

Now, this might be an stupid question, but I am completely unable to obtain some usual accumulative stats from Piwik such as the number of visits since the service started, or a simple report showing the number of visits in the last year. Therefore I’d like to know if someone could explain to me how to setup the environment to show this kind of data, or where are those particular options hiding from me style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif. I am interested in these particular stats because I’m willing to show an accumulative hit counter in my homepage from the stats obtained from Piwik (among other things)

Thank you in advance!

Check out Piwik’s API Documentation

I had already seen the API, but I was looking for a somehow de-facto method to show that data in the dashboard to begin with, and I have finally found the date and period filter at the top of the dashboard’s page. Not really easy to find though (or maybe I’m a really clumsy person, also quite possible style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif )

Thank you anyway. Now that the dashboard is under control I’ll play with the API to create a custom hit counter.


Dear DiegoBM,

I just stumbled across your post, and was wondering if you would be able to help me? I too have a similar problem… I would like to display a list of page titles, and their accumulative hit count results, since the day the site was launched… For example:

Welcome 12 hits
About Us 2 hits
Calendar 22 hits

I have attempted to retrieve this information using the API - however, I have so far been unsuccessful. For example: - pulls the last 12 months worth of data… but does not combine this.

Any help would be very much appreciated,

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Piwik archive data by day, week, month, and year.

There’s is no “total stats” in the database.

Maybe this is a feature request ?

I think i would find it usefull too.

Thanks TulipVorlax,

So the only way I could really do it is to pull out all the data by year, and add them up together… that could prove very tricky. I’m using classic asp, and I’m not a “real” programmer…

I guess, for now, I could use the year stat - and, hopefully, before the year is out, a new version of Piwik will be released which caters for “All Stats”

Sorry for my ignorance, but where would I go to submit such a request?

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You’re already doing it, but in the wrong forum section, no problem, i think.

But we must think that maybe the devs have a good reason for not doing an “all stats” archive already.
We need to wait for one to reply about it.

So I guess I should add the request to that forum section. If it’s a feature they decide not to add, I can understand why as it’s pretty basic, and in real terms perhaps not that useful.

Our customers have a very basic understanding of the web. The majority only really care about simple stats… we’d like to offer the accumulative stats feature as a way of creating enthusiam amongst our customers that there sites are being used.

I shall wait and see what they say

Many thanks,


Note that summing data over any given date range is now available in the latest Piwik version !check it out: 301 Moved Permanently

Matt: does this mean I can sum data from all my sites into a single report? I have downloaded the latest RC but didn’t notice this feature. Could you explain to achieve this functionality?

what do you want to do exactly? To sum data over any date, you can use the API and period=range&date=2009-01-01,2011-02-01 for example

Sorry Matt: I think I misread the thread. What I’m after is a virtual “site” that contains visits, pageviews, trendline, etc. but for all of my sites together, or a selectable group.

The stats are distorted if the server simply sums sites together, and visitors move between these sites.

Anthon: I was thinking about something that simply sums all the hits and then analyses them together as a single site, so you could see the truly unique visits. There is a topic for this here: 301 Moved Permanently and I noticed that a ticket already seems to be up here Show Websites by Group in ‘All websites’ dashboard · Issue #2174 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub although it doesn’t seem to have received much attention - is anyone working on this?