Access XHR object in callback of trackPageView()

First of all, Kudos to Matomo community for such awesome analytics tools.
I am using Matomo for tracking page view. I have a requirement where on completion of XHR request of track page view I need to perform some operation which involves accessing xhr ( XmlHttpRequest ) object. Basically, I need some of the data extracted by Piwik to be sent to another server too. I figured out that with trackPageView() we can pass customTitle, customData, callback . I was able to pass a callback function as a parameter but I am not able to access xhr in the callback.
Is there some way I can access xhr in the callback function or extract data using some other method?

Thanks in advance!

If the objective is to send data to another server, this can be done with a secondary tracker.

Basically each request is sent to two servers. Might be worth a look

Thanks @fatica for the reply.

I need to send some of the information from track hit to a non Matomo server. Is there any possible way of doing that before or after XHR hit?

I did some exploration towards the flow of Piwik.js.
In sendXmlHttpRequest() function,

if(this.readyState===4&&(typeof callback ==='function')){callback()}

can be changed to

if(this.readyState===4&&(typeof callback ==='function')){callback(xhr)}

When the library is providing callback for xhr, it should also provision access to the object.

I’m really not sure. I would avoid wherever possible modifying any of the core Matomo js.

The reason I suggested to use multiple trackers would be to receive whatever data you need based on the Request object from the second tracker by creating your own piwik.php and print_r($_REQUEST). I’m not sure if what you’re after will be in there, but that would be my approach.

I think this is now solved thanks to