About trademark of Piwik


Dear Sir

We are planning to start a support service of Piwik in Japan.

As I read the articles about your trademark policy,
I thought that in our case,
・providing original Piwik and support service to our customer and we get a support fee from them.
We need to get permission by using Piwik LOGO

Content of support services we will provide to our customers will be
・install support
・operation support
・employment support
・system environment support
・checking the newest version of Piwik

We are not planning to customize the core module, we will develop functions only using plugin samples.
We also not developing another system using Piwik modules.

My question is as below
・Is it any problem to use Piwik logo on the brochure? and web site?
・If it is OK, do we need to have contracts with your Piwik Team?

Best regards

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Dear Mishima,

Actually it’s OK to reuse the Piwik logo on your marketing materials etc.

In general the main thing that is not allowed is to use “piwik” in the domain name of a website. You can find more information in the trademark page which has all the details Trademark - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Dear matt.

Thanks for your answer. and sorry so late response.

Then what should I do to use piwik for a domain name of website?
If there is contact information, please tell me.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

We do not allow to use Piwik in the domain name: it is not allowed. Thank you.