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Hi, I did an implementation with matomo tag manager, I’m able to see the tags firing using the debugger, but without this, nothing happens. I already did the container deploy.

Hello. I have a few questions about Matomo Tag Manager.

  1. When i’m doing something in debug mode, does this activity have to be displayed later in Visit Log? In my experience, it doesn’t display, that looks strange.
  2. What is the core difference between Dev and Staging environments for some version? How them corresponds with debug mode?
  3. I’m trying to mark up an event of clicking on some element on page. I made a Tag of Analytics Type (where we select event category, name and etc), set all parameters, made trigger of type “All elements Click” with detection of Click Element that selecting by matching to CSS Selector (checked the functionality of Selector in console), and than pushed to Live. But nothing happen, no Custom Events was detected. Where the mistake can lurk around?

Thank you in advance