About correspondence of GDPR


I am not very good at English, so I apologize in advance…

I am one of the users who loves matomo.

We want to make our website correspond to GDPR, and I have some question to ask.

I’m trying to create a user opt-out function, referring to the knowledge on the following page.

We will display a popup at the bottom of the web page asking you to confirm that you want to use cookies.

If the user refuses to use cookies, will the total value such as the total number of accesses and the number of page views, which are the items of the visit overview, not be added?

Or, although detailed tracking like visitor log is not performed, will aggregate of total number of accesses, number of page views, etc. be added?

In the case of rejected the use of cookies, I would like to appropriately respond to the opt-out of the user as a response to the GDPR, but in order to confirm the site achievement rate etc. of the our website, I want to count the total number of accesses.

Does matomo have a good way to do this?

Please confirm. . .


Are you talking about the creating a custom opt-out form section? When someone opts out this way (just like with the opt out iframe and the DoNotTrack header) no data at all is recorded by Matomo.

But you can also disable cookies seperatly: How do I disable all cookies for a visitor? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thank you for the rapid response.

Currently, the our website has the following code

    var optOut = document.getElementById("agree");
        _paq.push(['rememberConsentGiven', 17520]);

I want to get only the total number of accesses, but is there any better way?