About ArchiveProcessing_Day.compute

Hello everybody,

Well i’m new to Piwik and also to PHP, i’m developping a custom plugin that adds some new columns to the Log_Visit table where more visitor’s data will be stored.

I need a brief and high level description of the ArchiveProcessing_Day.compute function. So that i could understand the mechanisms behind the Archiving process.

If this is not going to take you more than 5 minutes, then please give me a hand.

Thanks in advance.

the easiest thing to do is to look at existing plugins using this hook, eg. http://dev.piwik.org/trac/browser/trunk/pl…rovider.php#L98

It allows your plugin to record data in archives, so that the UI can then call the API to fetch these pre-processed data sets. The only way to understand how this works is to look at the code comments of the functions being called…