Ability to whitelist files

(Herby Olschewski) #1

Please consider the ability to whitelist and/or ignore certain files in the Diagnostics / System Check.

There are files that are normal and accepted in a WP installation, such as legitimate error logs.

This would avoid getting the diagnostics fail indication, as below.

Many thanks!


File integrity check failed and reported some errors. You should fix this issue and then refresh this page until it shows no error.

Files were found in your Matomo but we didn’t expect them.
–> Please delete these files to prevent errors. <–

File to delete: error_log

(Lukas Winkler) #2


This is already possible here:

If you want to you can make a Pull Request that add error_log after line 129.

(Herby Olschewski) #3

Cool. Got it.

Thanks Lukas!