A Windfall Donation

(Roddy A. Stegemann) #1

Recently I found a USD 50 bill on the floor in the hallway of the university building that i have made my temporary office until I can afford another collective workspace. So, i decided to share 20% of my good fortune with Matomo. I was reluctant to donate more due to the lack of support obtained in the Matomo forums that I have largely abandoned for want of positive feedback. I was, however, inspired by the ease of my recent Matomo upgrade.

During the upgrade process I was surprised to learn that my configuration file had 777 write permissions. How this occurred I have no idea, but it has been just one of the many surprises with which I have been confronted while using Matomo software.

As I continue to use your product in much the way that I use so much other open software on the internet, I continue to credit Matomo, somewhat more cautiously now, in my credits panel on my sites mainpage (see the Credits option in the Other menu in the site’s navigation bar.)