A kind of conflict between "WHAT ARE “ACTIONS” IN MATOMO?" and "Enable JavaScript Error Tracking"

I am not sure if this topic has already been discussed or if there is a solution.


  1. What are action in Matomo? - What are "actions" in Piwik? How do I find my number of actions per month? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo
  2. Tag Manager -> Variables -> Enable JavaScript Error Tracking

What happend:
Since we sometimes have a website that generates dozens or even hundreds of js errors per visitor, we’ve recently discovered that these js error events are recorded as valid visitor “actions” and unfortunately spoil the statistics.

So far so good.

Now it is very helpful that js errors are logged to Matomo. Primary for diagnostic and site health status.

Now we thought we add another segment to filter out this JS error events. But no luck.

We thought we can delete all js error events globally, and this lead to this forum to address this topics for a solution.

Question: How we can leverage the “Enable JavaScript Error Tracking” Matomo functionality without spoiling visitor statistics?

Personal I think about to delete js error events which are older than 7 days (as an example)

Any idea?

Did I miss something?