A few ideas for piwik

apart from a huge THANK YOU for this really nice great app, i just discovered. i’m stunned for how easy is to use it and how nice and powerful appears… i’m so excited that my mind runs and so i wish to ask your opinion about some possible little improvement for piwik usability…

  • add a way to customize (easily, from the gui) key parameters for widgets, eg: how many “last minutes” or “last hours” (+days/months, years?), in the live! widget, but not limited to this. Another great feature for list-style widget would be to be able to configure their “pagination” parameters (how many records per page shown, and maybe a “show all in one page” button leading to a dedicated page with the full list…). Probably a little “wrench icon” in the iconbar of the widget to lead the user to a configuration area?

  • add a way to “minimize/collapse” widgets: it would be nice to be able to free temporarily some desktop space, without having to add/remove widgets all the time, or always having to scroll: aside of the “maximize” icon, a “minimize” would be great!

  • add a way to have more general (applying to all sites configured in piwik) widgets, not only the “dashboards summaries” that can be seen now in the “all sites” page.

Thanks again, i’ll contribute in the future as much as i can to support this great project


PS: i know and appreciate so much that there is an API with which really much can be customized, but i think most users would appreciate the above features, as they would be more general and easy to use…

Thanks for the suggestion. I created a ticket for the “minimize” button: Add a way to “minimize” a widget · Issue #2677 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

mmm…maybe more language options?