"a fatal error occurred"

Hi Friends,
I was away from my SMF forum for a few days, and when I returned and opened my Piwik dashboard, it showed this fatal error notification.

Following the instructions, I refreshed the page (since I had not updated) and my dashboard came back up (yay!)

However, the Visits Over Time widget shows Piwik was not tracking my forum for today or yesterday (I think it was tracking my gallery though).

How can I find out what happened? And is there any way to prevent this in the future? Well, I guess we can’t answer the 2nd question, until the 1st question is answered.

Oohh…I looked at the System Check page, and it’s showing a critical error about the mbstring. I’ll have to contact my host about that, I guess, since I don’t know what that is. I think we had that error a while ago.

Ooh, and my GeoIP is also broken. yeah, we had that problem a while ago – I think this exact same thing.

Is this enough info for someone to tell me what happened? Or do I need to give you some info from my my server/host?

Thank you very much.


Could it be that your PHP / server config changed while you were away? sounds like someone upgraded PHP or changed it so that mbstring is not installed anymore, causing Piwik to fail.

Thanks matthieu. I’m still waiting to hear from my host. But good to know that one way this can happen is by upgrading or changing PHP.

I’ll post more when I find out more.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling: