A fatal error occurred after updating matomo

since we updated our matomo server (this morning), we are receiving the following error when trying to access the platform :
The following error just broke Lizee Web Analytics (v4.11.0):

Class ‘HTML_QuickForm2_Element_InputCheckable’ not found
in /data/bas/site/libs/HTML/QuickForm2/Element/InputCheckbox.php line 60

It is recommended to deactivate some of our plugins to see if it is related to them, but whenever i’m clicking on a link to deactivate a plugin, i get the following error :

An error occurred
The parameter ‘redirectTo’ isn’t set in the Request, and a default value wasn’t provided.

Can you help me with this issue ? We don’t have any access to our clients data, which is quit problematic for us :confused:

Thank you very much for your help.
Arthur Wirbel

Did you update all your plugins at the same time as the core?
Maybe there was a problem when downloading the Matomo source files? Can you try again the update?

I updated manually to the latest version using FTP and it seems to work fine.
Thank you for your help !
Any idea why we had this issue ?

Probably a file that was wrongly unzipped…